Brief Introduction Of Tianjin International Freight Forwarder Association

Founded in Tianjin on December 28,1994,Tianjin International Freight Forwarder Association (hereinafter TIFFA)is a social group approved by Tianjin Commission of Commerce and registered in Tianjin Administration Bureau of NGOs. It’s a non-beneficial industry organization which is made by Tianjin international freight forwarding companies voluntarily and now under the guidance of Tianjin Commission of Commerce and Tianjin Administration Bureau of NGOs. By the end of 2010,TIFFA has about 2000 members which constitute about 90 percent of the total freight forwarder companies.

TIIFA has done a lot of work and receives credits and approval from government and freight forwarding enterprises During the last five years since its foundation. As a tie and bridge between government and members,TIFFA’s service is:

——To establish communicating mechanism with related department of government, safeguard egitimate rights and interests of enterprises;
——To enhance industry self-discipline;
——To offer various kinds of information and service about this industry to members, eg: listen to different opinions through deep survey and symposium; Closer cooperation and communication between enterprises; carry out five national standards of international freight forwarding industry; offer legal counseling freely; fulfill business record ruled by the Ministry of Commerce for each members annually; set up TIFFA’s website, publish news reports and member contact list..
——On behalf of member enterprises,TIFFA, as a training organization, also be in charge of business training and qualification exam of freight forwarding industry.
——Build different platform to promote business communication between members.

TIFFA take care of routine matters which now consists of secretariat、industry administration department、training department、IT department and accounting department.
Review the past and look forward to the future,TIFFA will continue exerting the function to service for the membership heart and soul、safeguard their legal rights firmly and to be a effective communicating media between government and enterprises. We will strive for promoting the whole development level of Tianjin freight forwarding industry and Binhai New Area .

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